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One of the reasons to visit Corfu is to experience a unique delectable experience at the restaurant "The Three Brothers". In the northern spot of Corfu, right at the coast of Astrakeri, the historical fish tavern offers since 1967 fresh fish to natives and visitors. Next to the boats of Astrakeri port, looking at the Ionian sea, you will enjoy the seafood delights that made tradition at "The Three Brothers".
Its been over 50 years since Mr. Vasilios Mourmouras (grandfather of today's owners - seen on the far left on the small picture) established the first fish tavern on the sea shore of Astrakeri, which still stands today in the same place (even though the restaurant now is only a few yard up the road) taking us back many years ago only to remind us that "The Three Brothers" is the oldest fish tavern in Corfu.
Today "The Three Brothers" continues to remind us of the old Corfu because of its past existence that remains linked to the history of the Astrakeri. With the support of the people of Corfu, the many foreign visitors and our devotion to good quality and persistence to maintain our good reputation "The Three Brothers" today is probably the best fish restaurant on Corfu island.
Next to the fishing harbour of Astrakeri Beach, where the waves reach your feet and make the boats dancing on the horizon waiting for the sun to be lost in the blue Ionian Sea is where "The Three Brothers" Fish Taverna is located with delicious seafood dishes, the most famous octopus spaghetti throughout the Corfu island and tastes inspired from Corfiot cuisine.
In one of the most peaceful spots of Corfu, Astrakeri Beach, The Three Brothers taverna serves nearly for the last 50 years fresh fishes, and carefully chosen products from the unique ground of Corfu, in an elegant and cosy environment that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed from the first moment.
Famous for its Octopus Pasta with a top secret recipe, along with dishes that made many international guides to recommend "The Three Brothers" Fish Taverna as one of the necessary stops at your visit in Corfu, while the "guest book" includes many names of celebrities, from Emir Custurica to Janet Jackson (3 yeras ago)
Do not miss the fresh fishes arriving early morning daily and are cooked carefully. Excellent appetizers, local specialties made with carefully picked materials based on the freshness and the their quality and combine them with fine local wines from the wine list. Mrs Aliki in the kitchen (the mother) and the 3 brothers (Jiannis, Giorgos & Vasilis)together with Petra (wife of Giorgos) guarantee that "The Three Brothers" Fish Taverna is the perfect stop for a memorable dining experience in Astrakeri Beach - Corfu.
Starting from the appetizers, the Zucchini (courgette) Croquettes, the Fish Croquettes, the Marinated White Bait, the rich White Taramosalata and the unique fresh Kalamari on the grill, suggestions that you surely shouldn't miss.
Among our main dishes, the Baby Shark fillet with spicy paprika (red hot pepper) attracts everyone's attention and competes in taste and appearance against the Octopus with red wine & baby onions (can be served with pasta). The King Prawns in white, garlic sauce is another dish with velvet flavor that you will not find elsewhere and can combine with tagliatelle pasta or spaghetti.
Don't resist to the classic dish of fresh Sardines on the grill (or fried) of course don't forget the always fresh fried White Bait that, together with the fresh hand picked vegetables, have made "The Three Brothers" popular and people's first choice. The fresh fish that walks in front of you is surely an additional option for you, combined with delicious Greek salad or vegetables. The restaurant uses its own home made olive oil as well as home grown potatoes, tomatoes & fruit.
Mrs Aliki (the mother) makes her own home made candied sweets such as grape & orange which are truly amazing and can be served with yoghurt or ice cream. Her Backlava is probably to die for and if you are lucky enough you might experience Petra's Tiramisu or Apple pie


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